About EYH

About EYH

Expand Your Horizon is a joint initiative by INJAZ and its partners to encourage Arab youth to realize their potential by a career in the private secto


 EYH aims to boost employment rates by educating youth on the benefits of jobs in the private sector and entrepreneurship opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa

  • Encourage Arab youth to consider different career paths and focus on developing the skills needed in trending industries.
  • Provide enough information for students, youth and families to make well informed career decisions.
  • Facilitate collaboration between the media, private sector, NGOs and students to boost presence and awareness of INJAZ and its industry partners.

INJAZ supports Arab youth’s engagement in the private sector through EYH. EYH is an initiative that targets the deficiencies of the education system, and empowers youth to solve unemployment by creating a greater understanding of the opportunities available to them.

Partners commit their time and resources to provide valuable hands-on work experience to Arab youth. They also launch media campaigns to educate youth about trending industries and possible opportunities.